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Building Bright Futures Sky Academy

Academic Guidance

Assisting the students in developing meaningful educational goals that are consistent with personal interests, values and abilities.

Retreat Camps

Student camps where they can take off time from school and get more closer with their mentors.

Mentor Training

Training our mentors so they can serve our students in the best way possible.

Training our mentors so they can serve our students in the best way possible.

Career Fairs

Helping students pick their career path with seminars from professionals.

Weekend School

Weekend School Season Officially started.


Educational seminars and workshops for students and parents.

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What we do

At Sky Academy, we aim to be the best provider of mentoring assistance and support to many youths in High School, Middle School, and College. Sky Academy’s objective is to help students in developing their professional and academic skills and character. We aspire to assist the next generations to build strong, healthy relationships and values that enable them to achieve their goals and full potential.


Volunteer Service

Volunteering at local centers to give back to the community.

Mentor Training

Through workshops and resources, mentors learn how to provide guidance, encouragement, and practical advice to help students navigate challenges and reach their full potential. Training our mentors so they can serve our students in the best way possible.

Spreading Good from our Community to the World

Trips all over the world

At Sky Academy, we believe in spreading goodness beyond the boundaries of our community, reaching out to impact the world positively. One of the ways we do this is through volunteer events that extend our support to communities in need worldwide. For instance, our students participate in initiatives such as visiting villages in countries like Tanzania, where they offer assistance to local schools and mentor students. These experiences not only contribute to the improvement of educational facilities but also foster meaningful connections and cultural understanding. Through such endeavors, we strive to instill in our students a sense of global citizenship and empathy, empowering them to make a difference wherever they go.

Did you visit our Youth Center

The Sky Academy Youth Center located here in Rochelle Park, NJ will host numerous events and programs throughout the year

"Being a mentor at Sky Academy has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It's inspiring to see the growth and development of the students I work with. The sense of fulfillment I get from guiding them through challenges and witnessing their achievements is unmatched.

"Sky Academy goes above and beyond to provide support and resources for both mentors and students. The organization's commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we're always striving to deliver the best possible experience for everyone involved.

"Sky Academy has provided me with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young individuals. As a mentor, I've had the privilege of helping students realize their potential, set goals, and overcome obstacles.

Great experiences at Sky Academy

At Sky Academy, students embark on journeys of personal growth, discovery, and fulfillment. From engaging mentorship programs to immersive outdoor activities, our students consistently report transformative experiences that shape their lives for the better.

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