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About Us

At Sky Academy, we aim to be the best provider of mentoring assistance and support to many youths in High School, Middle School, and Colleges. The program seeks to help students in developing their professional and academic skills and character. We aspire to assist the next generations to build strong, healthy relationships and values that enable them to achieve their goals and full potential. The organization seeks to build a vibrant community of experienced mentors capable of providing academic guidance, encouragement, and advice on general life. At Sky Academy, we recognize the value of relationship in guiding youth through life obstacles. The programs include mentoring, outdoor activities, youth conferences, and education programs, which prove beneficial in providing support, motivation, advice, and opportunities for young individuals. The programs seek to develop the skill, attitudes, and knowledge necessary for the successful completion of academics and encourage supportive relationships with others.



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Our Story

In the year 2017 a group of graduate and undergraduate students came together to form what we call today Sky Academy. Their visions were to help their own communities here in the greater New York City Area or commonly known as North Jersey. They set out to gather young high school students in events and programs which aimed at students’ academic and social skills. They developed a range of programs like Sky Talks, Friendship Picnics, and much more. In the year 2018 with Sky Academy growing at a large rate the founders and executives decided to continue expanding into other factors of life like Spirituality, Dialogue, College Counseling, and other areas. The number of Mentors and Students under Sky Academy grew at a high rate. The students range from elementary to High School and the number of students being in the 600s. Today in 2020 Sky Academy has successfully provided events like Summer and Winter Retreats, Weekly Mentee Advising, Counseling Sessions, fun trips and activities. Sky Academy has also established genuine relationships with Brother or sister organizations and together hosted events with Peace Islands Institute, Embrace Relief, and Turkish Cultural Center. In 2020 while the Covid-19 pandemic had struck Sky Academy even opened their own YouTube channel which they streamed live episodes for 30 days straight and posted many other videos. They gathered thousands of viewers together every day and had fun competitions online. Sky Academy also started their own unique educational podcast called “The Cup of Chai” for students to listen to when they’re at home which is also posted on their YouTube channel. Sky Academy ever since the beginning has always focused on universal values, educating the youth, and keeping the youth active through Social, Academic and Spiritual activities or events. Mentors give their countless hours to coordinate and plan yearly schedules and objectives to help enhance youth development in their communities.


Our objective as mentors is to raise students with strong ethical and moral principles throughout primary and secondary school. For this, mentors are in a close relationship with following up and making sure that our students are raised in standards of leadership.


Sky Academy engages 2000 youth each year in the New Jersey area through membership and community outreach. Our mentorship program is mainly based in New Jersey and reaches out to most of the Northeast. Students come in to participate for weekly programs, volunteering services, and activities from local public, private, and charter schools.