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Ramadan Corners

Ideas & Guidelines:

1) One side of the house needs to be decorated for Ramadan. If wanted children can also get dressed.

2) One day in Ramadan, record a video of your day fasting and describing what you did.

3) There can be religious board game about Ramadan or a video.

4) Another idea is that having a child prepare sahur and iftar for their family.

5) Record a video that teaches your sibling how to pray and read the Quran.

6) Make a sunnah or hadith corner and record a video of you applying 1 sunnah to your life.

7) Prepare a iftar package and leave it at the door of a homeless person or Muslim Neighbor.

Ramadan Along the World

1) How do you spend Ramadan in your country?

2) What is your favorite food to eat at iftar?

3) How many hours do you fast?

4) Who do you usually eat iftar with? Do you have guests over?

5) What your favorite aspect of Ramadan?

6) If you moved to your country later on in your life, how does Ramadan in your current country differ from Ramadan in your home country?

Video recording Guidelines:

1) Phone should be held horizontally.

2) Area of recording should be bright and quiet.

3) Phone should be held still.

4) Background should be simple.

5) 3 minutes maximum video length.



1) Make sure to film your video horizontally.

2) Make sure to speak very loudly and clearly.

3) Please try to memorize your dua or have someone hold the prayer straight infront of you.

4) Recite your prayers word by word. TRY TO FEEL THE DUA!!!

5) The video should be between 1:00-1:30 minutes long

6) Make sure to have clean and neat background.

7) Have enough light in the room so you can be visible in the shot.

Music of the Day

Steps and Guidelines:

1) Learn which choice of music you are going to choose.

2) Introduce yourself at the beginning.

3) Make sure put your camera horizontally.

4) Use back of the camera.

5) Adjust daylight for video quality.

6) Make sure audio is clear and there is no background noises.

6) You can also record the video outside.

7) Record in an appropriate background.

8) Video duration should be 2-4 minutes long.

Ramadan Cuisine


1) When recording videos should be horizontal. Vertical shot videos doesn't go well on live.

2) Have a steady camera. Using tools such as tripods, books to hold the camera will insure a good quality video.

3) Start with an introduction. Give us your name, where you are shooting the video from and what dish you are going to make.

4) Try avoiding recipes that take too long and hard to make.

5) Mention which food you like for Ramadan.

6) For the dish, explain what ingredients you are going to use and the steps.

7) Take a paused and close up video when moving from step to step.

8) After the dish ready, make sure to have it in a plate and record a close up video or photo.